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Granite remnant sale in Beltsville Maryland - $27.99 per square foot

Granite remnant Beltsville Maryland

Take advantage of our year-round granite remnants sale - for only $27.99 per square foot/fabrication only deal. Edge options include an eased edge. Choose from a wide selection of "real natural quality" granite and engineered stone remnants. You can contact us at: 301-605-1168

Quartz Countertops Sale

Special sale on our exclusive Aspen Quartz - Engineered Stone - Evening Brown slabs. Regular price for this alluring material is $55.00 per square foot, and we are giving it away for only $34.95 per square foot for a limited time only or until supplies last.

Want to do your own installation and measurements? Great, then you can take advantage of our $30.95 per square foot deal for fabrication only. Call us for details.

Double stainless steel bowl sink special with granite countertops located in Beltsville Maryland

Stainless Steel Sinks Special with Granite Countertops

We understand that you may need a little more room for those additional dishes that kids and their friends tend to leave for you after work! We created this special Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink special just for you. Enjoy the benefit of being able to pile everything up on one bowl while clearing the other one to make it easy for washing (or letting the kids wash them). Granite countertops with an undermount sink really bring out the natural look and feel of stone, giving it untouchable elegance.

Upgrade to a Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink for only $250 with the purchase of our Bronze, Silver or Gold Package (See Details above). This offer includes our AV5, AV6, AV7 and AV8. This also includes the granite countertop sink cutout and the sink.

Stainless Steel Sink (Double Bowl) Details: 18 Gauge, Brushed Satin Finish, Sound dampening spray.

Plumbing special for kitchen countertops

Plumbing & Countertops Tear-out Special

We seriously don't want you to get be stressed out, so we are now offering a complete plumbing and countertop tear-out package to make your life easier!

Kitchen Sink - Single or Double Bowl

  • Disconnect existing plumbing including faucet from old countertop
  • Tear out of existing countertops
  • Haul away old plumbing contents and countertops
  • Reconnect plumbing to include installation of faucet/soap dispenser, strainer, trap(s), and new PVC pipe. 
  • Reconnect Dishwasher 
  • Pricing also includes install of garbage disposal