The best part of our business is that we get to put together these awesome sales for you guys, all year long! Anything from financing, to discounts, to clearances and upgrades. If you are looking for a great deal then you can’t afford NOT to click here!



Granite Remnants in Maryland

We have a large selection of Granite Remnants as well as Engineered Stone Remnants that are waiting to fulfill a bathroom vanity project, or bartop, coffee table, small countertop etc. Our Showroom is located in Beltsville Maryland, you are welcome to come by anytime – you do not need an appointment – we are open for Granite Slab Views and Granite Remnant views Monday thru Friday 9am until 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. If you have a special request, please call us at 240-607-6470 They are both standing by for questions or concerns about your stone projects!


Granite Countertops in Maryland

Maryland Granite doesn’t just offer super competitive prices when it comes to granite countertops; but we also have the most important factor when it comes to your natural stone and project, we care. Quality has been our number one focus ever since we opened our doors over 18 years ago in 1997. Our ultimate goal it to serve your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bartop or other home project with top quality natural and man made stone for its surface. You may realize this, but the surface of any countertop or vanity says everything about the entire room. Think about this; if your vanity cabinet is somewhat scratched or color faded, is hard to detect. Now imagine that you have a crack on your countertop due to a poor installation or mistreatment in fabrication or production of your granite countertops? What about a bad caulking line? What about a seam that just screams “what in the world is that huge gap”? These little fine details are what make us different, unique and special; we care about the things that will make you love your countertops, and not hate them or be resentful towards them in the future.



Granite Tops in Maryland

Take advantage of these great deals of fabulous colors and edge options for your countertops. Have you ever visited our granite facility? well, what are you waiting for? and bring the family! We have an awesome showroom located in Beltsville Maryland open Mon – Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 10am – 5pm
We are not trying to brag or anything, but you will be fascinated by the state of the art technology that we have in our facility, including CNC machines that cut and polish natural stone to an unbeatable quality; a waterjet-saw cutting machine that uses high pressure water and abrasive to cut right through the hard stones at exact precision; a digital measuring device that’s fully automated and much more.

Plumbing and Kitchen Countertops Removal (counter tops tear-out)

We know how difficult it is to call the plumber and coordinate everyone’s schedule for the removal and tear out of your kitchen countertops, and how quickly it can turn into a finger pointing battle between your plumber and carpenter, so we have put together this special package that will allow you have piece of mind that everything will be taken care of when it comes to your kitchen sink (single or double bowls) and countertops.

Here is what we have going for you!

  • Disconnect existing plumbing including faucet from old countertop
  • Tear out of existing countertops
  • Haul away old plumbing contents and countertops
  • Reconnect plumbing to include installation of faucet/soap dispenser, strainer, trap(s), and new PVC pipe.
  • Reconnect Dishwasher
  • Pricing also includes install of garbage disposal