Ubatuba Granite Color

Uba Tuba is one of the most popular colors in granite natural stone without a doubt, why is this? What does ubatuba have that other granite colors don’t? Is it related to the cost? Anything to do with its origin? Or is it just like the iPhone where its design and patterns are just beautiful to look at it and therefore really connect with homeowners?


I would love to have the answer to some or all the questions above, but if I did possess the answers, I would probably be working as a consultant for Apple or Microsoft.

I think Uba Tuba presents a happy medium for most people in terms of design, pattern and affordability. If you really look at it closely, you get a sense of elegancy, of obscurity, of mystery, and a sense of empowerment.

In my years of experience of working with hundreds of customers, I have noticed that very often people will relate black granite or dark color natural stones with sophistication or as being ‘elegant’. I am not sure if this is a psychological thing, but haven’t you noticed that it’s much more enjoyable to dine at a nice restaurant after hours? When its dark? Maybe one that has dimmed lights? right? Maybe people also relate it to being a romantic color. Nevertheless this is an interesting phenomenon of our human race, and I think leaving this as a mystery has a higher appeal to it, so let’s not go and try to figure this one out. Now we can see why Uba Tuba can have such an impact on some people.

Affordability also plays a huge factor in determining which granite color people choose, and because of its demand, ubatuba is certainly amongst the most affordable and beautiful natural colors around the world.